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Harnessing the Power of the Digital Revolution
June 9 | BASECAMP, Berlin

We are living in a time of revolution, the digital revolution. Digitalization is transforming all areas of social life and business activity whether it’s shopping, watching films or running a logistics network or a production line. This digital revolution offers the chance to harvest the vast amounts of data generated by connected devices to develop new products and services as well as delivering improvements in areas from health care to transport.


But realizing the potential of the digital revolution will require addressing some of the challenges of our hyper-connected world.


This POLITICO event, presented by Telefónica, will bring together senior EU and national policymakers with business executives and other stakeholders for a frank debate on how to make the most of the digital revolution and how to set the right policy framework.


  • Will consumers have the confidence to share their personal data because they believe they are protected and only used with their approval?
  • How will EU data protection rules affect public policy areas such as health care?
  • Are consumers free to choose which services they use rather than being locked into one company’s products and services?
  • How will the EU legislate to ensure fair competition in the digital sector?
  • Ensuring that people have the right skills will require changes in education systems. What reforms are needed to give people digital skills?





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