The Future of Aerospace
April 9, 2015 | Paris



Sky's the limit: New frontiers in civil and military flight


The aerospace industry is changing, and fast. The number of passengers is booming and should reach 6.4 bn by 2030. Order books are taking off.The Middle-East and Asia are fuelling much of this demand, but are also emerging as serious challengers to the traditional US/Europe duopoly.


Be it airlines or aerospace & defence manufacturers, new entrants are have joined the fray, forcing traditional players to rethink their business models .



To steer your company through changing and turbulent skies, join us to discuss:


 OEMs and the global competition for seamless supply chains


 Finding growth in lean, green and low-cost fleets: will we be flying without fuel?


 Declining government defence spending– and how the industry is adapting business models


 Private investment, drones, satellites and the space race


The second Future of Aerospace Summit will gather over 100 key policymakers and leading executives from across the board, from airlines, to aircraft and engine manufacturers and aerospaceand defencecompanies to discuss the future of flight.







[1] OEMs : Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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