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For this event The Washington Post and European Voice are joining forces to provide the latest intelligence from both sides of the Atlantic on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), one of the most ambitious trade agreements ever.

While growth in emerging market economies is slowing, the west is seeking regional trade agreements such as the TTIP between the EU and the United States to stimulate global economic growth. This partnership, if it is agreed, would increase global GDP and create opportunities for new jobs. The economic potential of this agreement is huge as the US and the EU together account for around $30/€22 trillion in annual output, roughly half of world output and trade.

At this event we will examine the benefits, challenges and global impact of the agreement, as well as the alternatives to the TTIP if it is not agreed. Some of the questions to be addressed include:

 What is the latest state of negotiations?

 What are the likely obstacles to an agreement? Will there be so many exemptions and opt-outs that the agreement will have limited impact?

 What is the future of transatlantic trade if the TTIP is not agreed?

 How will TTIP affect the BRICs economy and world trade?

The Future of Transatlantic Trade will gather over 150 key policy makers and international business leaders from both continents to discuss and share their insight on the political, economic, social, and global business impact of an integrated transatlantic market place.


Communiqué de presse


10 avril 2014, Paris


Présent pour la première fois en Europe, The Washington Post s'associe à European Voice afin d'échanger sur l'avenir du commerce transatlantique alors que le Partenariat Transatlantique de Commerce et d'Investissement est au cœur de l'actualité (TTIP).

Cette conférence examinera les relations transatlantiques existantes entre les USA et l'Europe depuis plus de 50 ans et permettra de débattre de l'avenir du commerce transatlantique au-delà du partenariat TTI P en cours de négociation.

Parmi les intervenants confirmés, nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir João Vale de Almeida, EU Ambassador to the US / Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade / Michael Punke, Deputy United States Trade Representative, US Ambassador to the WTO, Pierre Lévy, Directeur de l'Union européenne, Ministère français des Affaires étrangères ; Bernadette Ségol, Secrétaire Générale, Confédération Européenne des Syndicats, afin d'avoir la perspective des autorités , des entreprises ainsi que celle des syndicats.

Cet événement qui est ouvert à la presse*, sera filmé et l'ensemble des discussions est public.

Mary Jordan, Editor, The Washington Post ;Simon Taylor, Editor, European Voice Events ; David Ignatius, Syndicated Columnist, International Affairs, The Washington Post animeront les débats.

Pour toute demande d'accréditation * :
Sophie Gamel, European Voice.
Tél: + 33 (0)1 43 12 85 54. Email

*le nombre de places est limité


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